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I’m starting to hate my Management class and professor. She’s really nice and all and I know she means well, but she just keeps saying all the wrong things. 

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Jeroen Kerkhof by Barry Marré | Run Boy Run


hey sorry im late i didnt want to come

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Diego Barrueco


Diego Barrueco

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there’s nothing worse than seeing someone who deserves the world and the best it offers being treated unfairly and you can see them slowly being broken

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help omg i just want to watch foreign films today :(

It’s a gloomy day… been raining all morning. I don’t feel like going to school today, but I have gym class and I’ve to attend it. Sigh…. gym. 

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Hoje eu não quero voltar sozinho.

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seriously though bisexuality being defined as attraction to men and women is a heterosexual’s definition of bisexuality actual bisexual groups and organizations have been defining it as attraction to two or more genders or same and other genders since the nineties and plenty of nb people actually id as bi and refusing to accept how we define ourselves is so absurdly biphobic and heterosexist and jfc it’s 2014 can other queer people fucking realize and acknowledge this

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